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Role of Insurance

Insurance Business depends on relationships. That's why we take a hands-on approach for placing and servicing our clients' insurance requirements. The expertise and knowledge of our people is second to none. This enables us to build in confidence at the most senior level with all the leading insurers. Combined with our experience we can provide customized services and solutions that go beyond the traditional insurances taken by you for covering your risks. Our basic services and solutions include :

  • Study of your business fundamentals and the process associated with it
  • Understanding insurance requirements of your business
  • Provide advice on the existing coverage vis-a-vis the risks exposures
  • Undertake risk inspection and risk assessment surveyst
  • Suggest the optimum coverage to you
  • Arrange for quotations from best insurance companies in the market
  • Claims management for the clients
  • Day-to-day policy administration and policy cycle management by way of effecting endorsements, refunds, etc.

Claims Management Services

The value of insurance advisor is known when a claim occurs. This is where you will find us different. We have with us committed and experienced team who can take care of large commercial claims as well as the retail and small claims which may occur in any big or small risks. We ensure that the claims are settled in the best interest of the client in all classes of insurance. Our assistance and guidance is always available to our clients and it includes :

  • Immediate loss intimation to Insurance Company
  • Assistance in completing the claim form and initial estimate of loss
  • Getting the survey conducted from the insurance company
  • Full assistance to client in preparation of documents for the claim settlement
  • Regular follow-up with the surveyor and insurance company
  • Claim settlement as per the policy conditions
  • Scrutiny of the claim calculations
  • Reinstatement of Sum insured, if required
  • Completing the post claim settlement documentations (discharge vouchers, Letter of subrogation, etc)

Risk Management Services

The key to successful business is proper Risk Management. It’s all about managing risk effectively. Risk management ensures that an organization identifies and understands the risks to which it is exposed. Risk management also guarantees that the organization creates and implements an effective plan to prevent losses or reduce the impact if a loss occurs. A risk management plan includes strategies and techniques for recognizing and confronting these threats. Good risk management doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Iit may be as simple as answering these three questions: What can go wrong ? What will the client do, both to prevent the harm from occurring and in response to the harm or loss ? If something happens, how will the policy pay for it ?

Role of Insurance in Risk Management

Insurance is a valuable risk-financing tool. Few organizations have the reserves or funds necessary to take on the risk themselves and bear the total costs of a claim / accident. Purchasing insurance, however, is not risk management. While arranging insurance we ensure the following :

  • Risk Inspections of the Plants
  • Assessment of the risk and the losses that might trigger
  • Fixation of adequate sum insured
  • Suggestions for adequate insurance coverage that needs to be taken
  • Fixations of the deductibles
  • Suggestions to mitigate the existing risks

Therefore it becomes quite clear that buying an insurance through a advisor like us is a WIN-WIN situation. The insured need not spend any money and in turn they get our profession advice on all matters related to their insurance needs.

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